Service Department

A big advantage of purchasing from is our abilty to stand behind our product with service.  We have been doing this since 1994.   Most of our customers will discover a modest amount of care prevents repairs for a long time.   Should the unfortunate happen, we can address any problem.   On the rare occation of a catastrophic failure or accident, we can guide you through the decision making process of considering alternatives.  Ran it out of engine oil. Might be best for us to order a used engine from our overseas source with free shipping in one of our containers.  Lent the tractor to Nephew Jimmy who rolled it down into the gully.  Might be better to call it a parts tractor at that point and trade it in for another.  Our customers know we will answer the phone and email when that have an issue.  


To request a Service Appointment, please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment in order to get your tractor functioning properly.