About Used / Reconditioned Tractors

We do an extensive reconditioning on our tractors. The used tractors we buy do not require rebuilt engines or drivetrains. We have found it is best to leave a good thing alone. We do take care of any issues that need to be attended to. We take the tractors down to the drivetrain. Clean and prep them. Apply new paint. Reassemble like a new tractor.  Service them. Give them new hoses, belts, seats, tires, and batteries. All those little things that need to be updated. Finally, a new front loader and ROPS (roll bar) are installed. The result is a standardized product that is as good as new. The used trailers we sell are so good, in fact, we will have to remind you they are actually used. 

Parts from the brands we sell on all new, used, and aftermarket sources will be available & supported for a very long time.