About Us

TractorCo.com is a Washington State company doing business since 1994. An early adopter of the internet, our URL dates back to 1996.

We sell used/reconditioned Japanese tractors. Our business is supported by a 20,000 sqft facility in Thorp, Wa. The majority of our customers purchase via online. We can make arrangements to ship to anywhere in the US.

For those who want to see their purchase before buying, we have display facilities in Thorp, WA . Rather than have fixed hours, we operate by appointment so that we can accommodate our customers' availability. Evenings and weekends are always available. Our indoor display locations are well lit for evening visits. We love a no-pressure environment as much as you do. It’s fun to come and visit to look at our tractors.

Why Tractor Co?

Specializing in used Japanese tractors since 1994.


  • 15,000 sqft warehouse filled with 100 tractors.                
  • Meaningful warranty. Ask about one year upgrade warranty to new tractor.    
  • Parts and Service support exclusive to our customers. 

Our focus is on quality tractors. You won’t be taking a chance on an “as is” tractor from a private seller or auction. Nor taking a chance on a “want to be” startup who has a few tractors to sell until they go out of business.

Contact Us

Call us today at (425) 985-6155 and find out how our team can help you find the John Deere, Kubota and Yanmar you've been looking for! We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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