Reconditioned Tractor Packages

Home Owner Package - $7995
Yanmar 1300d 4x4 16hp tractor, New Front Loader, 42" Rotary Cutter, 5' Rear Blade

Hobby Farmer Package  -  $9995
Yanmar YM 1500 4x4 18hp tractor, New Front Loader, 42" Rotary Cutter, 5' Rear Blade, Reconditioned Rototiller

Starter Package  -  $6995
Yanmar YM2000 24H 4x2 Tractor, Rear Scoop, 4' Rotary Cutter, 5' Rear Blade, Reconditioned Rototiller, Front Weights

Starter Package #2  -  $8995
Mitsubishi D1650 20HP 4x2 Tractor with New Front Loader, Rotary Tiller, 5' Rear Blade, and 4' Rotary Cutter

Mitsubishi D2050 25HP 4x4 Tractor, Front Loader, Wallenstien 5 1/2' Backhoe, LITW Chipper, 5' Box Scraper, 6' Landscape Rake  

Snow Package Yanmar 22hp tractor
Yanmar YM1500d 4x4 18hp Tractor
New Loader
48" FarmKing Snowblower

Yanmar YM1500d 18hp 4x4 tractor
New Front Loader
Post Hole Digger
4' Rotary Cutter
Rear Blade

Yanmar YM1500d 4x4 18hp Tractor
4' Rotary Cutter
5' Rear Blade
Post Hole Digger
Manure Spreader

Mowing Package
Mitsubishi D2350 27 HP 4x2 Tractor
5' Rotary Cutter

Yanmar YM1401 19hp 4x4 tractor
New Front Loader
Taylor-Way Backhoe

Backhoe Package #2
Yanmar YM1601 22hp 4x4 tractor
Wallenstein Backhoe
Optional Thumb
add $380 for Thumb

Trailer Package     
Yanmar YM1500d 4x4 18hp Tractor
New Front Loader
Tandem Trailer - 16' rated 6000 lbs
48" Rotary Cutter
48" Box Scraper


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